Oneodio Studio Pro-50 Headphones Review

January 8, 2020 By DJ Sly

Something I always find challenging is headphone shopping. It's really hard to get quality that will last. That being said, there are hundreds of options on the market. Some good, some bad. Some expensive, some cheap. You really have to come up with your list of wants when looking for one. When I started my search, I wanted something durable, great sounding, reasonably priced and easy to carry. I came across the Oneodio brand online, and while it's not a popular brand, I did get my requirements met, and surpassed. I honestly bought this as a test, and I have not regretted purchasing since. Here are my thoughts on this budget DJ headphone, the Oneodio Studio Pro.

Firstly, Oneodio is a Chinese brand. Knock the Chinese all you want, sometimes they have products that really impress you. The headphones have definitely impressed me. It's really nice and for its price, I’m surprised more people aren’t using it. I’ll mention the price last, as I really want you to hear about this product.


Unboxing it felt premium honestly. It comes in a really sleek black box that takes a little effort to open, ensuring the contents are secure. It also has foam packaged in the box to help with cushioning the headphones before it gets to its owner.

I got a book with basic instructions of its use and features.

It came with a nice long red headphone cable, the cable is also coiled partly generally cut its length, but you can stretch it if you need extra length.The cable has two different ends, a 3.5mm jack on one end and a 6.3mm jack on the other. I will tell you how beneficial this is later in the article.

It came with a carrying case that feels really premium. Its made of a thick material, it does lend some protection, especially from scratches while you will have your headphones in your bag.


Being honest, it's not “premium”, it feels cheap and plastic. Its made of mostly plastic, the only metal I notice was to strengthen the headband. Being plastic however has big advantages. The headphones are very light.

The cups make up for it feeling cheap as they are very soft and comfortable on the ears. It is an over-ear cup style and works well at drowning out noise, I won’t say its the best at noise cancelling, but I owned worse from more popular brands. The cups feel like leather, I think it's probably plastic leather, but they do feel great on the ear, and comfortable. Oneodio does offer replacement cups via their website.

Regardless, the design looks sleek, I got the Mate Black with red trimming. It looks way better than it feels, and it met my basic requirements.


After 9 months of use, these headphones still feel like I took them out the box yesterday. I have taken great care of them. The cups have not peeled or damaged to need any replacing. The connections still are tight and hold well. There isn’t even cosmetic damage to mine, cause if they’re not on my head, they’re in the carrying pouch protected. Compared to all the headphones I've owned in my DJ career thus far, these have lasted the longest. Hopefully when it makes a year, I can still be saying the same thing.


Here is where I think that it takes the cake. Let me start with the mechanics. It can fold well for storage. It has 180° cup rotation, so you can turn one cup out while you have it on. It can swivel 100° so u can adjust for comfort. The headband is adjustable to fit a wide variation of head sizes. Thus, even though it feels cheap, it is very modular to adjust and make comfortable to your preference, and it is easy to store.

The best thing about this headphone in my view however is the detachable cable connection. Not only do you have one ear-cup with a port for your average 3.5mm jack, the second ear-cup has a port for 6.3mm jacks. This is perfect for DJ’s as it means we can connect any cable to our headphones. It also makes the headphone cable it comes with reversible. You can use it with phones and laptops by connecting the 6.3mm side to your headphones and the 3.5mm to the device. And then you can DJ with it connecting the 3.5mm to the headphone and the 6.3mm to the device. It really is a great multipurpose feature that I have found myself taking heavy advantage of. Sometimes I will be in events and need to listen a voice note on my phone. I simply switch the cable ends and use it on my phone then switch back to connect to the DJ mixer. It really is one of the main features that sold me, and I think many DJ’s should consider it.


I am no expert in this department, but for my use, it sounds great. You hear all the music bands clearly the lows, mids and highs. It can get really loud if you need it, but that depends on the device sending the audio to it. I really could not ask for better in this regard. It impressed me how well-balanced the sound was, I expected it to sound poor, but I was wrong. Thus I concluded for me the sound quality was great.


This goes for USD$54.00 via the Oneodio website, USD$55.00 on Amazon. When I got it, I got it for a steal of USD$35.00, and honestly, even at USD$54.00 I would still pay for it, cause it really is worth it compared to many others I have used before.


For a USD$54.00 headphone, I really can’t stop recommending that you buy this if you need headphones.The feel, the design, the sound, the functionality, gives you way more than you pay for in my view. Where they made cutbacks in some areas, they gave more than most other headphones offer. If I have one criticism to give it, is that it feels too flimsy, you can break them very easy if you don’t treat them with care. I also think that on the ears of someone more versed in sound, they will sound cheap, but for my purpose I don’t find that a drawback. I won’t recommend it for Producers and Sound Engineers.

Oneodio has fascinated me with this product, and I will be getting a second pair, as a back up soon.