Entertainment & COVID

May 18, 2020 By DJ Sly

The onset of the novel coronavirus (COVID-19) took the world by storm. Little did we realize how much of an effect such a small thing can cause. I must admit, at first I took this lightly as it wasn’t on our side of the world yet, but I had to keep an eye on the news and how it was spreading. I knew it was inevitable to reach the Caribbean and the shores of my home Trinidad & Tobago. As a DJ I didn't realize how much we underestimated the need for basic things like social interaction for us to have work. While it is known that the virus is won’t affect many people harshly, it's the medically vulnerable we are trying to protect. That is why to save the lives of others we all have to sacrifice at this time.

All that being said, looking forward to the future, there is more uncertainty than usual, especially within the entertainment industry. Before I continue, I should point out that the entertainment industry compromises more than just DJ’s and Artists. It encompasses DJ's. Artists, Musicians, Sound Companies, Equipment Rentals, Food vendors, drink vendors, security, clothes/fashion to some regard, cleaners, promotional companies, and much more. A lot of people depend on events for a living, from the bottom end to the top. Thus with social distancing being a new norm, I have concluded it would take a very long time for the entertainment industry to restart, far-less recover.

I am not sure if my peers would have come to this realization, but at least I am here sharing my thoughts for someone who hasn’t started thinking of the future yet. Firstly, we need control of the virus. Luckily some countries have managed to control it (NO ONE HAS CLAIMED THEY ELIMINATED IT YET), but even with this control there now exist scars on the people. Not physical scars, but a new underlying fear to interact with others as we have to assume that everyone is already infected, and take measures to protect ourselves. The premise of most events involves social interaction, and thus without this, I just don’t see events that need crowds of people restarting anytime soon. While locally it may feel ok, once borders reopen and the virus still is prevalent in another country, we are at risk. Thus for safety, I see people generally not taking that risk. There will be some that are willing to, but there will be a large group that won’t.

This short post, however, is not to spread doom and gloom. I was just stating the reality we have to deal with now. There will be a time everything goes back to “normal” but it won’t be "the normal" we previously knew. For now, we follow the advice of medical practitioners and do what we need to do to save lives.

Innovation has also shown its head, as we have seen a new trend of virtual parties and events. Using social media platforms, as well as video conferencing software. Some people have even found ways to monetize such events, so that DJ’s, and equipment rentals get paid. Patrons seem to also be understanding and pay to get access to streams or give donations if they can. It’s great to see that people have found ways to keep entertainment alive while we have to stay separate.

All in all, we hope that there will be an end or resolution to all this soon, so we can enjoy each other's company once again. Till then, keep safe, wash your hands, and social distance. Remember to check on your friends and family, and above all pray for the safety and betterment of the world.