About DJ Sly

About DJ Sly

Music has always flowed through the veins of Temba Cudjoe. From being in the choir at a very young age, to being a part of his school’s pan side in his teen years, to CDJs & Turntables in his adult years. His aim is to always bring joy to any audience using a combination of skills learned and his God given talents.

“Everytime I touch dj decks, and I can share with others the joys that music can bring, that makes it all worthwhile to me.”
Temba Cudjoe

The name ‘DJ Sly’ grew from his shyness to DJ for an audience when he started performing publicly. No one ever suspected his abilities, until they were exposed to it. Sly like a fox in the shadows, till it was his time to pounce. He is the DJ no one expects or sees coming, able to adapt to any situation quickly. He started off his performance career as a Host/Announcer, with clear direction and ability to communicate with a crowd. He then made the quick transition from Announcer to DJ due to his passion being for music foremost. With years and experience he became a sensation among the tertiary party circuit (namely UWI). This period also afforded him the opportunity to learn music not only from a genre point, but from a cultural one as well. This was due to the tertiary community having a diversity of students from different nationalities. He is not genre specific and aims to be versatile using the various genres to tell stories through the music.

Currently he is a road DJ for Utopia Mas and a Brand Ambassador for Xtra Malt. With the future in sight he continues to learn and develop, both on and off the set.